Esittely Suomen kielisenä

Simola family consists of myself, my husband Kari and our sons Mikko and Teemu and also 5 golden retrievers.
We are living in the countryside in the village of Mutala (almost 30 km drive north from Tampere), which belongs to the town Ylöjärvi. Our house stands middle of the fields, next to forests and nearest lake is 500 m away from us. An ideal place to live with the dogs which can run free in the forests and swim in the lake during the summer.

Our first golden retriever, ”Topi” CH Karvin Touch Of Cosmos moved to us in 1990 from kennel Karvin. We fell in love in this breed and afterwards we have had several golden retrievers living with us. Almost everyone is Karvin golden. In last Christmas my dream came true when charming
Svante-puppy moved to us from kennel Kerrien, England. Thank you Heidi and Helena Karves and also Su Jolly of these gorgeous dogs!!

Kari, Sari & Svante

Our dogs are pets of whole family but also Sari’s hobby. Sari goes mostly in the dog shows with the dogs but also trains fetching and blood tracking for qualifying field trial, not forgetting of course dogs’ own enthusiastic and joy for these hobbies.

Sari & Rody

Kari & dogs in the forest

Kari takes care that dogs are in the shape by taking them for the long walks in the forest where dogs can run free. Kari has took a part with the dogs and his brother for duckhunting in autumns. Mikko and Teemu have been great help with the dogs also. They love to play with the dogs and go with them also skiing trips etc.

Teemu & dogs having winter fun

Teemu & dogs having winter fun

Teemu & Mikko coming from skiing trip

Rody & Mikko playing

Sari has passed breeder’s course in 2009 and FCI has announced kennel name ”Simolan” in 2010.

Sari, dogs and a beautiful summer evening on the lake